Lifetime Cinematography Awards

Encyclopedia Britannica & National Press Photographers Association

1st Prize, The River That Runs Backwards, 1955

2nd Prize, Operation Arctic , 1956

American Federation of Arts

Film No. 4 (Bottoms) by Yoko Ono, 1966

Canadian Society of Cinematographers

1st Prize, Outstanding Cinematography in Television News, 1971

Industrial Video Awards

1st Prize, Video/Culture L’Auto for General Motors, 1986

Native American Film and Video Festival

Little Mountain, 1993

14th Media Access Awards (USA)

1st Prize, Documentary, Little Mountain, 1994

Media Human Rights Awards

The Fight for the Right, 1994

Gemini Award

Best Information Series, CBC, Moving On, 1998

The Videographer Awards

Award of Excellence, Toward a Healthy City, 2007

Use this list of correspondents here if not included in the forward:

Correspondents I Have Worked With:

Isobel Basset
Romeo Le Blanc
Hillary Brown
Kingsley Lenin Brown
Stanley Burke

The list of people I have worked with is a literal ‘Who’s Who’ of T.V. hosts and correspondents. Many of them made their own names roaming the world’s hot spots in the early Sixties, including (in Burke, Ken Cavanaugh, Henry Champ, Douglas La Chance, Don Cameron, John Chancellor, Jean Carpenter, George Clay, Adrian Clarkson, Ron Collister, Bill Cunningham, Gordon Donaldson, Alex Desfontaine, Abe Douglas, Barry Dunsmore, Tom Earl, Alan Edmonds, Duncan Elliot, Bob Evans, Mary Lou Finlay, Donald Gorden, Tom Gould, Agi Gabor, David Halton, Helen Hutchinson, Peter Jennings, Monika Jenson, Patrick Keatley, Alex Kendrick, Peter Kent, Bruce Phillips, Ralph Lucas, Ron La Plate, David Levy, Tom Leach, Jack McGaw, Robert MacNeil, James Minifi, Michael Maclear, Edward R. Morrow, Peter Murphy, Knowlton Nash, Norman De Poe, Jim Reed, Peter Riley, Peter Reynolds, Morley Safer, Bill Stevenson, David Suzuki, Charles Taylor, Peter Truman, Pamela Wallan, Patrick Watson, Charles Wasserman, Moses Znaimer